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Explore the connection between your emotions, sensations and consciousness - and the stories we live by.

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Let's make change together

AWE offers body mind coaching and education that catalyzes new beginnings and supports you in finding purpose.

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AWE specializes in transformational coaching and education. Services include 1:1 coaching, the safe and sound protocol, psychedelic integration, and organizational change.

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The polyvagal theory provides the foundation for our work. We've built case studies to demonstrate how our clients made lasting change in their lives and workplaces.

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Coaching is a relationship. We love learning about prospective clients and collaborating with you. For the most personalized information, please get in touch!

AWE builds programs for a changeable world

Explore principles that we share with all of nature - so that you may feel safe & find meaning in this world.

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AWE was established to support individuals on their quest to understand their daily experience, their purpose, and the 'meaning of it all'. We focus on developing knowledge of biological limits to enable a person's full potential.
The following case studies demonstrate how coaching and education can define a sense of wholeness and personal purpose.

Achievements -

AWE's founder, Andrea Wood, is a proud Consultant for Deb Dana’s Rhythm of Regulation trainings and an Instructor with the Polyvagal Institute. Andrea is also a contributor to a research project that will demonstrate the efficacy of the Safe & Sound Protocol, a nervous system intervention relying on novel sound modulation.

Offering -

What AWE Can Do For You

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One-on-One Coaching

1:1 coaching grounded in the polyvagal theory and guided by somatic experiencing. Work with us to learn more about the connection between emotions, sensations, consciousness, and personal narratives.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) Delivery
Safe & Sound Protocol

A  tool designed to regulate the nervous system by listening to uniquely modulated music. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) promotes resilience, calm and stress reduction (which compliments or accelerates the coaching process).

Psychedelic preparation and integration for people working with Ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, cannabis, ketamine, and LSD.
Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelics initiate a healing process that unfolds over time. Our compassionate, science and spirituality based preparation and integration coaching maximizes your healing process while enabling you to live your life.

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Career Coaching

An investigative approach to career change that invites honest emotion and personal values into the workplace. Coaching develops an understanding of what works and what you wish to change. We collaborate to establish a roadmap to achieve your desired outcomes.  

Organizational Design - Strategy Consulting
Organizational Design

Strategic consulting for organizations reshaping their institutional worldview. By enacting change on a personal level, great shifts take place in leadership styles, decision making processes, and product offerings.

Clinical Consultation for Polyvagal-Informed Practices
Shamanic Healing

1:1 energy healing sessions informed by Core Shamanism, Neo-Shamanism and Holy Fire Reiki. Work with us to receive energetic transmissions and tools to activate your personal power, identify your unique path, and achieve a sense of wholeness.


Respect your internal cues

By respecting the sensations that show up in your body, you become an expert state detector.

Your personal narrative slowly shifts away from that 'same old story' and focuses on present moment sensation.

Your internal cues become your super power…and they're fuelled by biology!

What is Awe?

awe helped our ancestors survive in the face of uncertainty

AWE Education builds coaching and education programs using an integrative, depth-oriented approach. Together we’ll explore the connection between emotions, sensations, consciousness, connections, and the stories that we live by.

With an understanding of biological limits, a new sense of purpose and a desire for reconnection will arise.

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AWE - survival when things fall apart
AWE - survival in the face of internal anger fire

Our Office

Online &  Around the world -

Based near Ottawa, Canada, AWE operates almost entirely online.

One-on-one coaching is available online via Zoom for your convenience.

Teaching, consultation and strategy development is offered globally with flexible timing.

Research is currently conducted in the United States and Canada.

Speaking Plainly -

Service Pricing

Pricing built to support your goals

AWE single session pricing - icon

Getting started

A single, focused session addressing a specific challenge.

190 USD
Per 75-minute session
AWE pricing - series pricing

Building out a plan

A series of 3 sessions priced to achieve an objective.

175 USD
Per 75-minute session
AWE pricing Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP Pricing)

Playlist and coaching

Custom delivery of the SSP with an expert coach.

790 USD
Playlist access and coaching
If you purchased a session or package online, please contact AWE for scheduling.
A complimentary 30-minute introductory session is available upon request.
I’ve found a comfort in my life like I’ve never felt before. I’m excited to see where this new way of being will take me!
Teresa - Ottawa, Canada
In all my years of therapy, I've never experienced this kind of acceptance. Andrea takes an approach to coaching that makes everything feel normal and safe.
Raj - London, United Kingdom
So much relief comes from knowing my responses are a natural, invited biological response. It's astonishing how this knowledge transformed my day-to-day experience.
Gerald - New York, United States

AWE's Weekly Explorations

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October 7, 2022

Embodiment is an integration of all parts of ourselves: the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. To achieve embodiment, we must work with body sensation regularly. By tending to sensation in the physical form, we can learn about an experience of wholeness that makes everything feel possible.

AWE blog - empty
September 30, 2022
Plant Medicine

After years of bad press, the interest in mushrooms has exploded. How did they undergo such a significant image transformation?

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What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a deeply personal 1-on-1relationship designed to support you in generating your own insights, identifying opportunities for growth, and developing a map for moving forward.  

Transformational coaching investigates each client’s experience in life, including beliefs, values,  and purpose in order to stimulate sustainable long-term change.

Who Do You Work With?

WE Education 1:1 coaching clients are looking to achieve personal growth and identify purpose. Many of our clients have previously invested in therapy and understand their core wounds. Now, they’re ready to shine their light and create a new map for the future. These individuals want to make significant change and are willing to take the steps required to achieve personal growth. This path invites deep and sweeping change.  

AWE Education Career coaching is ideal for people who wish to bring honest emotion and personal values into the workplace. This may include people employed within a large organization, entrepreneurs building a startup, or individuals preparing for a new venture (often retirement!). These sessions will address specific business issues, from staffing to problem solving operational issues. Anything goes.

How Does AWE Education Differ from Other Coaching Services?

AWE Education focuses on polyvagal-informed coaching.

That means we connect bodily sensation to emotions, and how these impact all your actions and decisions in life. When we honor the cues from within our bodies, we find a new way to achieve productivity and efficiency.  We focus on creating transformative moments during our work together. These moments influence widespread change, starting in your life and later percolating into world. Approaching change from his standpoint creates sustainable, cumulative change.