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Andrea Wood
Transformational Coach
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Individual coaching sessions focused on the connection between emotions, sensations, and stories we live by.

Service Description: One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is a commitment to personal change.

This program is ideal for people looking to cultivate a compassionate understanding of their experience in the world.

Find Your Super Power

The foundation of this program is built upon the sensations that show up in your body. By learning about and honoring your internal cues, you become an expert state detector. Your awareness will grow to first check on your biological state, then examine the emotional responses and the stories you live by. Your internal cues become your super power…and they're fuelled by biology!

Once we’ve connected deeply with your sensations, your personal narrative about your emotions and habits begins to shift.

Along the way, your conscious awareness will begin to shine.You’ll notice the things about yourself you’d like to attend to, and things that have been unmet. You’ll feel empowered to explore change, and to take the steps that allow you to find greater purpose in your daily life.

As your relationship with your body and emotions shifts, you’ll notice that your relationships to other people, other beings, society and the environment change.

Committing to change on this scale is no small feat. Shedding the past and accepting a new perspective requires great effort and courage.

AWE provides the supportive conditions – and the compassionate attunement – to make these changes safe and accessible.

How is AWE Programming Built?

  • Safety First: First, we build a program that will enable you to meet your goals while honoring your nervous system states. We believe in the principle of ‘stretch, don’t stress’ – so we never push or work to exhaustion. We only work to a point of fatigue. AWE commits to creating an environment that honors your biological needs while supporting you to achieve your objectives.
  • Focus on biology: Each program starts by applying principles of the polyvagal theory. We focus on developing a person's full potential based on their individual experience. You are the expert, and we are providing the safe place primed for experimentation.
  • Exploring your internal cues: Once we understand a little about biology, we know what feels accessible and what is a trigger. This is where we adapt the initial plan, and we collaborate to create a new map for your life journey. This map honors your stories, and eventually, supports the creation of a new narrative.
  • Compassionate Inquiry: Narratives live a life of their own. The final step of our coaching journey cultivates a new understanding of your perspective. By making curious inquiries into a sensation, emotion and story, we achieve new levels conscious awareness about your experience, your relationships and your goals.

Who is the Ideal 1:1 Coaching Client?

  • People who are ready to shine their light.You’ve told your story time and again. Now, you’re ready to experience life in alignment with your values.
  • People who want to prioritize fulfilment.  You’re ready to live a life filled with purpose.You wish to live in alignment with your values and to find joy in the small things. (Even if that idea seems silly or vague at the moment.)
  • People who wish to live consciously. You’re ready to learn more about your experience in the world, as a body mind and soul.
  • People who are ready for release. You’re primed for a new perspective on – and ready to release - fears, uncertainty, patterning that no longer serves you, and all things subconscious. You may be living with PTSD, a chronic illness, night terrors, or debilitating pain, and you're ready to try something novel and unconventional.
  • People who know they need compassionate support. You know you can’t make these changes alone, and want a different type of guidance or mentorship to move forward. You're looking for a guide that creates space uniquely for you, without conditions.

The Steps We Take

Physical: First, we connect sensation to emotion.This can be a significant challenge but is also a place for big break throughs. Knowing what you feel in your physiology can connect the dots between why things are and aren’t working.

Emotional: Next, we explore the depths of your emotions, including experiences that feel like they’re hold you back.Understanding the conditions that shaped your mind (like family, school, society),and connecting them back to biological response, transforms perspective.

Goals/Dreams: By examining the circumstances under which emotions evolved, we begin to understand the framework that makes goals accessible. Now is the time to explore new narratives. Constantly checking with the physical cues, we examine, process and create new stories.

 Re-mapping: Once the physical sensations, emotional stories and goals grow clear, we create a new map for your life’s journey. We identify the steps to mindfully engage in your life, your work, and your relationships.This step offers meaningful context, options and opportunities for connection so that you never feel stuck.

Benefits & Outcomes

By cultivating an understanding of the relationship between biology and behavior, individuals can:

  • Understand embodied sensations as they connect to your emotions and narratives
  • Gain clarity about fear, anxiety, reactivity, and connection to others
  • Learn new communication skills
  • Unlock a sense of curiosity and awareness that inspires change
  • Cultivate new systems of understanding and behaviour
  • Develop a conscious perspective on what matters and what can be released
  • Understand what fulfills you, brings you joy, and creates meaning in your life
  • Transform the stories you live by
  • Create an actionable plan to put goals into motion
  • Identify steps to make create sustainable change that feels accessible
  • Find ways to bring your values into everyday activities
  • Introduce methods to live with greater compassion - for yourself and for others
  • Develop a living document including personal purpose, vision and journey map

Modalities Used

  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Compassionate Inquiry
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Energy Medicine

Time Investment

  • 75 minutes weekly or bi-weekly


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