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Andrea Wood
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Strategy consulting services that unite polyvagal-informed practice and organizational design

Service Description: Organizational Design

Designing organizational strategy for a new era.

AWE organizational design services are ideal for businesses looking to cultivate deeper connections between the organization’s human elements and its vision and mission.

This service focuses on transforming systems that honor the people that make the business happen. Without our human assets, our organizations lack soul.

Building Purpose-Driven Organizations

Organizational Design is an acknowledgment that an organization is a living embodiment of its strategy.

That means organizational hardware (processes, technologies, governance) and organizational software (mission, values, culture, aspirations) must be designed in the service of the people who do the work.

A purpose-driven organization includes organizations that prioritize innovative approaches to emotional well-being in the workplace.

Training individual members of the workforce to know their limits, providing the tools to enable clear communication in the workplace, and designing a workplace culture where individuals confidently engage with their peers and leaders will transform the way organizations work.

Investing in the Workforce of Tomorrow

A polyvagal informed framework honors each individual employee as a living system. Each individual brings a set of capacities to the workplace, which mesh together to create a set of organizational competencies.

When each player understands how their workplace performance relates to mood and sensation, a new approach to productivity arises. Instead of focusing on delivery at all costs, employees understand and communicate their capacity for workload, innovation, and creativity. This creates resilient organizations prepared for a rapidly changing workplace requirements.

This effort requires a step back – momentarily - from the drive for growth to focus on the workforce. AWE invites organizations to view the organization from new perspective: Individuals are not expendable resources to be hired and fired; they are a critical component required to achieve your organization’s purpose.

Your organization must be agile enough to respond to challenges and opportunities in the marketplace, from stakeholders and from within (employees).

Education - key to organizational resilience

How Does AWE Contribute to Organizational Design?

  • Reconnecting people with themselves and the earth. With so much social, ecological and culture change afoot, people wish to live in their own stories. People see the corporate story of success and growth as an unsustainable fabrication that is injurious to so many beings. 
  • Putting purpose back in work. There’s a deep longing to bring purpose back to life and work. People want to live differently, work differently and offer their time for a reason - not purely for a paycheque.
  • Giving heart to leadership. The steely focus of the past must erode quickly to re-introduce compassionate, personalized leadership styles. When leadership can operate in synchronized harmony with the individual contributors, less sacrifice and more satisfaction occurs.
  • Introspection lead to innovation. A focus on people increases risk.Risk tolerance is needed for innovation.
  • Resiliency prepare for future change. A nimble organization requires nimble people who ready to address unforeseen challenges. This occurs by making connections within the organization, providing choice, and ensuring the context for change is made clear. Then, organization adaption is easily achieved.

AWE’s organizational design focus is on building resilient systems in response to rapid economic and ecological change. Our methodologies acknowledge a need to generate revenue while working within a dated system that feels broken. Our programming empowers individuals so that they can introduce new ideas and take responsibility for systemic change.

It’s not about destroying the system. It’s about building new elements to support people.

The Steps We Take

Physical: Educate key individuals about how their sensations provide key indicators about emotions(their biology) via the Polyvagal Theory.

Emotional: Provide new tools for management and leadership from a place of physiological and emotional regulation.

Mental: Establish a plan, including actionable steps for your growth and creation of metrics.

Leadership: Find new evidence to build solid business arguments from a new perspective.

Organizational design for resilient teams

 Modalities Used

  • Agile Methodology
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Compassionate Inquiry
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Regenerative & Ecological Economics

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Assessment of current organizational culture
  • Clear understanding of individual and organizational capacity
  • Clear and actionable recommendations for change, with a choice of steps to assure flexibility and resiliency
  • Training for key players in the workplace, who educate their teams by example.
  • New internal communications structure, providing faster and more effective decision making.
  • New approach to customer relations
  • Healthy, balanced working conditions
  • A happier, healthier and more motivated workforce
  • Greater preparedness and resiliency for future challenges

Time Investment

This is a customized strategy engagement designed for your organization.

Please contact AWE for more details, and to submit an RFP.

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