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Learn hands-on applications of the polyvagal theory for your clinical practice

Service Description: Clinical Consultation

Embodiment of the Polyvagal Theory

Clinical consultation mindfully integrates the polyvagal theory with other modalities you may use in your practice. Consultation sessions provide the opportunity to discuss specific issues, cases and requirements that leave you scratching your head when integrating the polyvagal theory into your practice.

AWE focuses first on embodiment and personal awareness.Then we shift focus into methods for clinical practice.This experiential approach enables clinicians to first notice what is happening in their own nervous system before they being making recommendations to their clients about their system-based responses. Through this experiential lens, the clinician practises and models co-regulation and the power of neuroception.

Clinical consultation will provide resources to help you stay regulated with challenging clients, challenging colleagues, and challenging situations in your life.

 Design Your Polyvagal-Informed Practice

A polyvagal-informed practice first recognizes each clinician's autonomic story. This is the script running below conscious awareness. While the Autonomic Nervous System provides reliable physical cuesin every person, the script varies from person to person.  This script shapes our emotions, our behaviours, and our perceptions. When a clinician understands their own cues, they can provide a very different level of service in clinical practice.

When a regulated nervous system meets a dysregulated system, an opportunity arises to co-regulate. Learning that the clinician is a safe, attuned presence is the first step in building self-regulation for many clients. The clinician becomes the safe harbour in a sea of distress. This typeof connection creates the opportunity for growth and repatterining.

Modalities Used

  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Rhythm of Regulation – Foundations of Polyvagal-Informed Practice
Polyvagal Clinical Consultation - AWE Education

Clinical Consultation Benefits & Outcomes

Clinical consultation provides:

  • The capacity to understand triggers and cues of danger - both in your own system and in that of a client
  • The awareness to identify how a client’s system is functioning
  • The knowledge to recognize the difference between when a client is stretching their system or stressing their system
  • The ability to resource and regulate a client’s nervous system
  • The tools to support a client's regulation and resilience
  • The tools to support a client as they build vagal tone
  • The permission to pause before responding
  • A toolkit to support down regulation, resilience and awareness

Clinical consultation presents the opportunity to unite the clinician and client with a sense of wonder through the polyvagal lens.

Time Investment

Clinical consultation is fully customizable.  We frequently conduct consultations with groups and with individual clinicans.

Generally, clients ask for:

  • 60 minute sessions
  • 90 minute sessions


“After taking Deb Dana's Rhythm of Regulation, I knew introducing principles of a the polyvagal theory would benefit my clients. Yet, I couldn't figure out how the puzzle piece fit into my speech pathology practice. By meeting with Andrea bi-weekly for 6 months after the course, I had the dedicated time and space to really enmesh the polyvagal theory into my personal life and work. My clients love knowing that there is a scientific basis behind their experience. I loved knowing I had a resource (Andrea)to ask all my science-based questions!" - Gillian | Santa Clarita, California

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